Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Causes of Litter

It is fault of people themselves who are contributed the problem of littering from day to day.
These are some reasons on why people are littering:

 a. They are too lazy to find a bin in an environment.

People are lazy to find the bin especially in a huge place like in a garden, or in a crowded place like market. The bins are maybe provided, but because of the behavior of lazy, people take an easy way which just throw away the rubbish into drains or somewhere else where people don't really noticed about it.

The self importance of people attitute

b. They have no sense of pride or self importance in their community

Since they are not the cleaners of one place, so it is not their responsibilities to fulfill the responsible for throwing up the rubbish into the bins. They simply think that there will be somebody who is picking up and clean the rubbish. This kind of behavior can be called as selfish because too much depending on others, rather than people themselves should be responsible towards it.

c. They don't take seriously the consequences of littering.

They are already know that there's lots of consequences regarding this matter which is littering. However, they simply didn't care much about it because the problem is not an issues that can be such big issues for country.  


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