Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Introduction & History

What is Litter?

  • People look the word of litter or also known as rubbish or garbage as something to be spread around a place or in an appropriate location, making it look untidy.
  • The various items such as wrappers plastic of food, cigarette butts, plastics bag, tissues, papers, cans and bottles, food disposal, and other items cab be classified as litter.
Cigarette butts can be classified as litter

For the history of litter, it is not the government priority as people continued disposed the waste of litter since 19th century. The disposed of waste led to spread the disease in human environment. An agency was launched in order to address the growing of litter waste in United States which known as Solid Waste Disposal Act in 1976. Besides, a lot of countries have produced the strict laws that require the household waste like chemicals, paints, light bulbs and so on to be deposited in a proper location, rather that throw in in appropriate place.

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