Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Effects of Litter

Widespread dumping can result in negative effects on the environment, human life and other living things.

Effects of waste disposal (litter) on the environment

1) Can result in floods.

Flood water inundated the state or a region or locality spill area.

The floods caused garbage problem

Flooding occurs because the drainage system is not planned. It may be due to drainage built too shallow and small that can cause litter group stuck there and cause flash floods passed.

Drain blockages caused by waste disposal

2) Can affect public opinion.

Due to the irresponsible attitude by some, a bunch of garbage along the road side or in open water can affect the views of the public and tourists. This can result in a negative outlook develops.

Widespread dumping can affect public opinion

Effects of waste disposal (litter) on human life

1) Can lead to disease

Widespread dumping (litter) can cause disease which affects due trash flies. Flies do not produce the disease itself, but flies as a vector (transmitter) of disease. One of disease example that brought by flies is known as Estamoeba dysenteriae. It is oragisms that dan cause disease not only to human, but also to cats, and dogs.

Flies as vector of disease to human

3) Effects of waste disposal (litter) on animals.

Litter is not only give bad effects towards environment and human life, but it also effects on animals. Those plastics and all other wastes can be eaten by animals; and their habitats can be filled with wastes littered by humans.

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