Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Overall, it depends on the human themselves as thin as human values ​​that have been polluting in the environment. Among the steps that can be taken to overcome the problems of waste disposal (litter) are:

1) Pick up one piece of litter each day.

It is not wrong to discard selfishness. Lighten hand to pick up the garbage into the street like that found in the garden or anywhere.

2) Pick up all the litter in front of your house or in your home.

Accumulate substantial waste-dump should not be left in the long term. Clean up immediately and show a responsible attitude to littering, whether in or outside the home.

3) Keep on 3R.


Recycle is stands for to put or pass through a cycle again, as for further treatment and also to extract useful materials from garbage or waste.

It is easier to do than it has ever been. Make sure that waste is processed and made into another product wherever possible. Composting is also recycling; the nutrients in organic waste are processed and returned to the soil to help more plants to grow.


Reduce waste by changing manufacturing processes so that less material are used or change consumer habits so that less wanted material is bought.


Waste minimization is not going to reduce waste output to zero. The re-use of products or materials that would otherwise become waste can provide a range of social, economic, and environmental benefits.


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